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Ukrainian Children's Home

The Children’s Home is also the parsonage.  It is a place filled with hope and encouragement. 
Many children of all ages have known this house as their home for ten years.  Some are brought here

as orphans and others because parents are not able -or willing- to properly care for them . . .  and some have been “found” by God’s grace and rescued by the loving hearts of Pastor Kolya and Valya.


We were SO happy to get to know and be with these children.  This year 7 new children were taken into

the Children's Home.  They are amazing, loving, precious, kind and unbelievably trusting after all they

have been through.  It is the heart-felt, Christ-centered love they are shown and showered with that

allows them to begin to heal.  Please pray for the “least of these” who need to know they are on

our minds, in our hearts, and wrapped in the arms of their good, good Father.

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New Life Baptist Church   3414 State Route 208   New Wilmington, PA  16142    (724) 946-2816