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Sponsorship Letters


By far, the best way to raise funds for your trip is through sponsorship letters and personal contact. As a matter of fact, MOST of the funds raised at New Life for PEACE Trips come from participants sending sponsorship letters.


These letters should be sent to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who may be interested in helping you go to the Mission Field. REMEMBER to "think outside the box."

The benefit of sponsorship letters is that they also raise prayer support and awareness of the need.  With each letter you send, you are building a TEAM of people that will be praying for you and encouraging you in this endeavor.


Don't see yourself as a fundraiser, but as a VISION SETTER. As you present the needs of the mission field and the reasons why you are going, people will be willing to give to see these needs met.


Keys to a successful letter:

   1. Get them out early -- as soon as you are sure you are going on the trip

   2. Be clear about where you are going and what you are doing - so they

       know it's not a vacation

   3. Don't limit your letters to Christian family & friends

   4. Send Thank You Letters for every gift

   5. Send, Send, Send -- the more letters you send the better


On average, it will take about 30 letters for every $1000 you hope to raise


When writing your letters, feel free to use the samples below.



with your letter to make sure all funds are credited

to your account.


These envelopes may be obtained from Pastor Greg

in the All STARS building after services.




Detailed Sponsor Letter Guidelines

Sample Letter #1

Sample Letter #2

Sample Letter #3

Sample Letter #4

Sample Thank You Letter (Pre-Trip)

Sample Thank You Letter #2 (Post-Trip)

NYC Letter


Small Groups


The Peace Plan is designed to get as many people as possible within our church family involved with sending, equipping, and going to the mission field. The primary way we accomplish this is through our Small Groups.


If you're not currently in a Small Group, we encourage you to join

one on Wednesday Night. They will prove to be an invaluable

resource for prayer and encouragement as you seek to go on a


Enlist your Small Group to pray for you as you go. Make them a primary part of your team.


Involve your Small Group to do activities to help fund yourself and or other members to go on mission trips  (To be done outside the church and money given directly to the individual to go!)


  1. Yard Sales                                                 6. Dinners

  2. Bake Sales                                                7. Walk-a-thons

  3. Internet Sales of donated items           8. Change The World

  4. Creative ideas for fund raising

  5. Candy sales


  *Sales of items on church grounds are DISCOURAGED.  See Advertising & Support for guidelines.


Official Church Fundraisers


The church has scheduled fundraisers throughout the year in which ALL Teams participate.


                1. Augustine's Pizza Sale (January)

                2. Yard Sale (September)


These fundraisers are the "official" fundraisers for the missions program and will be publicized using every available resource of the church (announcements, bulletin inserts, etc.).


Team Fundraisers


       IDEAS for fundraisers


           • a-thons (walking, bowling, rocking)      • car washes

           • concerts                                                        • events

           • recycling cans                                             • dinners / dinner theaters

           • cell phone collections                                • sales


Beware of labor intense activities with little return. Your time should be spent preparing for the field mentally, physically, and spiritually -- not focused on fundraising.


            a. Look for fundraisers with high profit to time margins

            b. Fundraisers are the least effective way of raising funds;

                 Support Letters are, by far, the highest return on investment



Personal Funds


While letter writing is the easiest way to raise funds for a missions trip, accumulating personal funds is also an option.


There are two ways to go about saving personal funds:


1. Saving

2. Earning


We'll look at both of these in detail below...


The first way to collect personal funds for a missions trip is freeing up extra money each month to put towards your trip. These ideas will call for temporary lifestyle changes in order to accomplish your goal!


  • REDUCE - where can you cut back your current spending (cellphone, cable, etc.)
  • REJECT - what can you do without  (movies, daily coffee, snacks, etc.)
  • AUTOMATE - set aside a portion of your paycheck to be deposited into savings through Direct Deposit
  • UTILIZE - use what you already have  (collect spare change, savings, etc.)




EARNING - hardest way to pay for a trip

This is, by far, the hardest way to pay for a missions trip. It will involve a major investment of time, energy, and work, but depending on your situation, may be the quickest way to raise funds.


  • Get a second job
  • Use your abilities to make extra money (craft shows, mow yards, baby sit, freelance work)
  • Selling items (Yard Sales, E-Bay, Craig's List, etc.)
  • Personal Fundraisers - done outside the church (dinners, selling candy bars, Go Fund Me pages)



Jesus was critical of those who turned the Temple into a marketplace.


With New Life sending close to 100 people to the mission field every year, fundraising efforts could easily get out of hand. Imagine over 100 personal fundraisers being advertised each year!

Not only that, but imagine 100 personal fundraisers being added to the church calendar. Coordinating room reservations and supplies would become a logistical nightmare. So, that is why we have the following guidelines:




Team fundraisers are defined as an activity that benefits the whole team whether it is raising travel funds or for ministry supplies. The profits from team fundraisers are divided euqally among team members OR used as separate funds to by supplies for the trip.


  • Team fundraisers may be held at the church as long as they do not interfere with church ministries.
  • Regular church ministries take priority in the use of rooms, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Team fundraisers will be able to advertise on the screens, through text & email, and with announcements.
  • Team fundraisers have the full backing of the church in regards to getting the word out & promoting participation.
  • Proper procedures must be used to reserve rooms and coordinate any tech / cleaning needed for the event.






Individual fundraisers are defined as any activity for the benefit of a single / group of people going on a missions trip where the profits of the event will not be divided among the whole team or used for ministry supplies.


EXAMPLE:  two or three people from a team decide to put on a concert / dinner & the proceeds will be divided among them for purposes of travel expenses


Individual fundraisers must be held outside the church

Individual fundraisers may not use church vehicles or equipment unless authorized by the church office

Individual fundraisers may be advertised through the Missions newsletter & through social media, but not through the group text / email systems of the church or the screens.

It is the individuals responsibility to publicize and get the word out about their event.



PLEASE NOTE: in order for a donation to be tax exempt, the donation must be made to New Life

nd New Life retains control of the funds (per IRS regulations).


This means that if you hold an event and someone wants their gift to be tax deductible,

you would have to turn their funds into the church office separately so that the giving can

be credited to their name.

For information on trips or the PEACE Plan - contact us below

New Life Baptist Church   3414 State Route 208   New Wilmington, PA  16142    (724) 946-2816