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Going Global...

We have a great commitment to the Great Commission and believe that every church should be a supporter of mission/ministry projects that further the kingdom of Christ.


We are proud partners of the following ministries around the globe.


You can learn more about these ministries by:

  • Checking out the Missions Hallway to see current newsletters of each missionary
  • Grabbing a Missions Newsletter from the Missions Table in the Main Lobby


If you would like more information on any of the missionaries we support, please contact Nanette Bailey


For security reasons New Life does not list on this web site all the ministries it supports.

Please pray for the unlisted ministries that are working in areas where possible persecution can take place.


Alpha Omega Center  (New Castle, PA)


Beabout, Perry & Jodi  (Transworld Radio)


Black, Audley & Donna  (Jamaica)


Braun, Bill & Denise (Russia)


Campbell, Mary & David (Wales)


Carter, Jim & Becky  (Alaska)


Chadwick, Ian & Beth (Austria)


City Rescue Mission  (New Castle, PA)


Davis, Kevin & Kim  (Wales)


Dean, Russ & Diane  (Brazil)


Delisme, Jean Joel & Jocelyn  (Haiti)


Dennis, Fyrell & Lois (Jamaica)


Devasahayam, Dr. Chala  (India)


Devers, Lea  (Scotland)


Dodson, Justin & Jenna (Ivory Coast)


Greene, Sylvester & Beverly (Jamaica)


Gurappa, Dr. Tatagiri & Dr. Elizabeth (India)


Gustinvil, Lucien & Esther (Haiti)


Hafer, Beth (Central & Eastern Europe)


Hampton, Brian & Janice  (Haiti)


Ishler, Darin & Kathy  (South Africa)


Ivey, Mike & Jill (South Korea)

Jerome, Joseph & Marie  (Haiti)


John, Subodh  (India)


Johnson, Ryan & Sarah  (England)


Joshua's Haven  (Sharon, PA)


Kessler, Russ & Susan  (Prison ministry)


Korianitis,Takis & April  (Greece)


LATCOM  (Latin America)


Lifesong for Orphans  (India)


Luce, Mark & Kim  (Australia)


Metedieu, Lucien & Marie Joe  (Haiti)


Mahoney, Dustin  (Italy)


Marvin, Karen  (Papua, New Guinea)


Mason, Kevin & Wendy  (Estonia)


Massey, Gabriel & Suzanne  (India)


Melis, Eleazer & Joanne  (Philippines)


Midekour, Kouami & Afi (Togo)


Miller, Jamie & Tammy  (Latin America)


Minton, Ron & Nancy (Ukraine)


Monte Blanco Camp (Bolivia)


Nikolenko, Kolya  (Ukraine)


O'Boyle, Greg & Anne (Chinese in Toronto)


Pepper, Mike & Diane  (Sierra Leone)


Perry, Jonathen & Natalie  (Australia)


Rapchak, Tom (Coalition for Christian Outreach)

Reaching Up + Reaching Out (Mercer County)


Reddy, Ravington  (india)


Robinson, Mike & Caroline  (Bolivia)


Rudge, Bill & Karen  (Local & International)


Rumple, Bill & Karen  (Dominican Republic)


Rust, Jonathan & Marylin  (Portugal)


Salvatore, George & Tess (Philippines)


Schladenhaufen, Mark  (South Africa)


Smith, Clifton & Dorothy  (Jamiaca)


S. Dave & Annie  (Closed Country)


Stauble, Bob & Nancy  (Philippines)


Steward, Josh & Denise  (Ireland)


Strange, Gary & Mary Jane  (Kenya)


Thompson, Leroy & Florence  (Jamaica)


Voltaire, Fritz  (Haiti)


Ward, Andrew & Mary  (Togo)


Watson, Godfrey & Lana  (Jamaica)


Weber, Paul & Rachel  (Australia)


Wedderburn, Aldred & Olive  (Jamaica)


White, Chris & Annie  (Southeast Asia)


Wodome, Koffi & Elisabeth  (Togo)

For information on trips or the PEACE Plan - contact us below

New Life Baptist Church   3414 State Route 208   New Wilmington, PA  16142    (724) 946-2816